Winter, 2014!

Subtle Lip Can
Reflective Drime

The Peggy Lee Band

Ratchet Orchestra




Welcome to the Drip Audio website! We have been on hiatus for awhile, but are slowly coming back at ya with some really great undefinable musical creations!

The brand new SUBTLE LIP CAN is now available from this site for purchase!!! It will slowly become available from more and more places very soon! Stay tuned for reviews, etc.

Check out their track Rommer Chanks at Soundcloud!!!

Keep tuned in with things at our twitter account!

***PLEASE NOTE!!! All ordering directly from us (via the CCNOW buttons) will be shut down EXCEPT FOR THE NEW SUBTLE LIP CAN for a little while, so please order from the other links on the album pages! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

The Peggy Lee Band and Ratchet Orchestra are now available from links on the ALBUM pages!

The Peggy Lee Band at Pop Matters!!!

The press is rolling in!!!

"Hemlock, a record this country needs to hear and celebrate." - Polaris Music Prize

"With Hemlock, Ratchet Orchestra have finally found their sound, and it's splendid." -

Also on Ratchet Orchestra: "Classical lushness and avant garde edginess coalesce into a sharp-witted yet delicate set, one of the year’s best releases." - Cult Montreal

Check out this piece with Ratchet Orchestra's Nic Caloia at CBC Music!

" album brim-filled with musical grandeur of the highest order. I think I'm just going to turn off the lights and listen to The Peggy Lee Band for the rest of my life..." - Forest Gospel

Check out Ratchet Orchestra's live video for Kick here!

Dixie's Death Pool's 'The Man With Flowering Hands' is now available digitally from Itunes and Zunior. Check out this video from a track off the album called "Tranquilizer"!

Press for Dixie's Death Pool...

"I would recommend The Man With The Flowering Hands as a choice vacation spot for tired music lovers looking to be reinvigorated and overwhelmed by strange beauty." - Southern Souls

"..Hutzulak’s lack of speed draws us into his world, a place of no great anxiety or pressure." - TORO Magazine

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