Spring 2017!

Sick Boss
Sick Boss

Ron Samworth
Dogs Do Dream

Peregrine Falls
Peregrine Falls



Welcome to the Drip Audio website! We have been on a little hiatus but we are slowly coming back at ya with some really special unique musical creations!

Brand new albums by Sick Boss and Ron Samworth are now available here!

is now available here! Check out the Wire Tapper from the April issue of The Wire to preview the track 'Ornette' from their upcoming album release!

PEREGRINE FALLS reviewed in The Montreal Gazette!

New album by FILM IN MUSIC (project led by Peggy Lee) is now available here!

FILM IN MUSIC reviewed at The Whole Note!

Brand new FOND OF TIGERS is now available from our website and other places. To order, check here!

FOND OF TIGERS Keep Post-Rock Weird on 'Uninhabit': NOISEY (Music By Vice)!

FOND OF TIGERS return with a roar after hiatus: Vancouver Sun

FOND OF TIGERS return with 'Uninhabit' LP: EXCLAIM!

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***PLEASE NOTE!!! Some direct ordering from us (via the CCNOW buttons) will be shut down EXCEPT FOR NEW RELEASES for a little while, so please order from the other links on the album pages! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

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