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Fond Of Tigers - A Thing To LIve With
  Fond Of Tigers
A Thing To Live With

1. The Suburbs Are For Lovebirds – 2:46
2. North – 4:47
3. Elkore – 5:11
4. A Thing To Live With That Will Live With You – 6:11
5. Here, You Are Hated – 5:51
6. Here You Are, Hated – 7:41 (mp3)
7. Parade Rehearsal – 13:20

*nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award '07

Listen to Fond Of Tigers at:


The debut release from Vancouver's Fond Of Tigers, A Thing To Live With, is a diverse and challenging listen that defies simple genre classification. In just under 50 minutes, the band (variously described in print as "compelling", "eclectic", "transcendent", "hypnotic", and "post-everything") moves between sounds which reference prog-rock freakouts, pastoral, back-porch picking, wonky jazz, hardcore math-metal, and ambient drone, without ever coming across as a pastiche act. The material on 'a thing to live' with was recorded live, with all the musicians and amplifiers in one room, by Jesse Gander at the Hive.

Fond of Tigers have been developing a complicated, beautiful sound since 2003. Featuring seven of Vancouver’s leading creative musicians, Fond of Tigers play a layered, nuanced music that explores musical possibilities ranging from the smallest gesture of extended technique, to the full avant-rock bombast possible with a wild, double-drum-kit-led septet. Although admitting that “jazz purists will find little to comfort them”, Coda magazine named the group’s debut recording, a thing to live with (Drip Audio) “one of the best releases of 2006”. In just under 50 minutes, the band (variously described in print as "compelling", "eclectic", "transcendent", "hypnotic", and "post-everything") showcases their visceral combination of meticulous odd-time composition and improvisational abandon, resulting in a sometimes confusing, always exhilarating ordered chaos.

This dynamic and adventurous 7-piece inhabits an undefined space somewhere in the outlands of avant-rock. Fond Of Tigers is made up of some of Vancouver’s finest, young and creative musicians on the scene today. They are: Stephen Lyons (Heartwarmongering) on guitar, Morgan McDonald (The Buttless Chaps) on keyboards, JP Carter (Inhabitants, Great Aunt Ida) on trumpet, Skye Brooks (Inhabitants, Kevin House) on drums, Dan Gaucher (The Buttless Chaps, October Trio) on drums, Jesse Zubot (Zubot & Dawson, LaConnor) on violin and Shanto Battacharya (Field) on bass.


"...instrumental wonders...atmospheric and very Chicago." - The Globe and Mail

"...kaleidoscopic prog rock laced with out-jazz, barbed-wire noise and ambient weirdness..." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"...just the right touch of dissonance and improvising possessed by the spirit of No Wave." - Signal To Noise

"...a fairly spry album that doesn't waste a minute." - NOW Magazine

"...a perfect ice-breaker for out-jazzers and disaffected hipsters." - Down Beat

"...a new sound, and a mark of true genius." - Terminal City

"Far from using well-worn copies of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue as a touchstone, this septet sounds like Sonic Youth, Aphex Twin or the late composer Ligeti are more logical starting points for its sonic forays.  Adventurous, exciting and frequently off its nut, the band can rock hard while getting its improv on, making it a fit at an outside indie gig or at a jazz show.  The twin drummer set-up all but ensures a driving beat turns up most times, but there are many moments of quite introspection, too." - The Province (Vancouver)


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