Sick Boss
Sick Boss
Ron Samworth
Dogs Do Dream
Peregrine Falls
Peregrine Falls
Film in Music
Tell Tale
Fond of Tigers
Tony Wilson 6Tet
A Day's Life
Subtle Lip Can
Reflective Drime
The Peggy Lee Band
Ratchet Orchestra
Dixie's Death Pool
The Man With Flowering Hands
Aeroplane Trio
Naranja Ha
Subtle Lip Can
Subtle Lip Can
Gord Grdina Trio w/ Mats Gustafsson
Barrel Fire
Fond of Tigers
Continent & Western
Creesus Crisis
A Vacant Lot
Tommy Babin's Benzene
Your Body Is Your Prison
The Tony Wilson Sextet
The People Look Like Flowers At Last
Viviane Houle
Escape Through The Trees
The Perilous Beauty of Madness
Jim McAuley
The Ultimate Frog
The Peggy Lee Band
New Code
Butcher/Müller/van der Schyff
Way Out Northwest
Fond Of Tigers
Release the Saviours
The Furniture Moves Underneath
Tony Wilson 6tet
Pearls Before Swine
Escondido Dreams
ZMF Trio
Circle The Path
Francois Houle
Jesse Zubot
Fond Of Tigers
A Thing To Live With
Dark Blue World
Tony Wilson
Horse's Dream
Crouched Head
Crouched Head
The Winks/Tights
Split CD
Dark Blue World

1. Warm Coat – 4:23 (mp3)
2. Evening Wolves – 7:02
3. Dark Blue World – 4:29
4. Church Of The Blind – 4:36
5. CafÈ Lovely – 6:12
6. Melancholique – 5:35
7. Night Face – 5:24
8. Shit Happens – 5:35
9. Well Oh Well – 5:27
10. Displaced Persons – 4:30
11. Turn It – 6:49

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New Music Canada

Showcasing unconventional rhythmic textures and an uncompromising approach to music, DarkBlueWorld constructs songs that are sophisticated and direct in their lyrical and musical conception, speaking with truth, courage and conviction. Often acerbic and darkly satirical, DarkBlueWorld's music is emotionally layered with subtly complex harmonic and rhythmic turns. Their culturally engaged, profoundly melancholic songs intelligently communicate the complexities of human experience, combining artful simplicity, originality and inherent beauty.

Fronted by the poetry and voice of Elizabeth Fischer, DarkBlueWorld features the talents of guitarist/collaborator Ron Samworth along with Skye Brooks on drums, Pete Schmitt on bass and Chad MacQuarrie on guitar. Other notable contributors have been avantgarde music mavens Tony Wilson (guitar) and JP Carter (trumpet) and on their recordings, Jesse Zubot (violin) and Peggy Lee (cello).

DarkBlueWorld's epic sound has been noted for its paradoxical nature, simultaneously hypnotic and sullen: "blending disturbing lyrics with beautiful melodies... breathing sadness and celebration in the same breath", at times "a thrilling noise assault of feedback and percussion" []. Their unique "alchemical magic" is completed by Elizabeth's "lushly dismal narratives", ranging harmonically from "a macabre growl to a keening shriek" with "superior range and color" conveyed by her "cigarette-rough voice" [CD of the Week, JunkMedia]. "These are the forlorn regions where DarkBlueWorld will take you, and the voyage wont be gentle; there is a deep sense of command within its drama.".


"Songs that ache with truth" – CD of the Week, The Globe and Mail

“... a searing alternative to sweetness and light” - Down Beat Magazine

“Imagine and unholy union of Nina Hagen and Jim Morrison channeling Bertold Brecht and Rimbaud with a band made up of members of the Doors, the Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd and you’ll have some idea of DarkBlueWorld’s mesmerizing, hallucinatory sound...” – Coda Magazine

“... they breathe sadness and celebration in the same breath because they own that paradox, all while retaining status as pop through their brilliant narratives and insularly intricate musicianship...” - CokeMachineGlow

"... songs visceral and enraged and yet with tenderness and naked vulnerability".
- The Georgia Straight

"Proof that great things come from taking your time. Since 2002, singer Elizabeth Fischer, guitarist Ron Samworth and Tony Wilson, drummer Skye Brooks and bassist Pete Schmitt have developed a sound that is beautifully captured here. Akin to Diamanda Galas singing German cabaret music as played by King Crimson, or something like that, the music is thoroughly engaging. Over it all, Fischer's sinuous voice delivers her often dark and edgy lyrics about "love songs for the dead" and smiling angels inside picture frames." - (A) - The Province

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