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Split CD
Ron Samworth

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Ron Samworth
Dogs Do Dream

1. Sleeping
2. Rapid Eye Movement
3. Swimming
4. The Underbrush
5. Relection
6. Lying On My Back
7. Muck About
8. On The Trail
9. Cold Grass/Frisbee
10. Evening Crows
11. Smells/Other Dogs
12. Gulls, Gills, Guts
13. Drones...Bones
14. Fighting
15. Waking Up
16. Dog Day

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Dogs Do Dream is a suite of compositions and texts by composer/guitarist Ron Samworth inspired by the dream life of dogs. Scientific research indicates that many animals, including Dogs, Do Dream. We can only imagine the nature of these dreams... Dogs Do Dream had it's premiere at the Barking Sphinx produced Vancouver International Improvisation Festival in March of 2015 and since has performed a number of gigs in Vancouver including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in 2016.

Ron Samworth has a great interest in integrating text with music and has worked with numerous poets, theatre artists and singers over the years. Scientific data indicates that animals - dogs, as well as cats, even rats, dream. There is much speculation about what the content of these dreams are - running, eating, exploring, interacting with other sentients. Encephalographic readings of sleeping rats who have been put through complex mazes can even pinpoint what part of the maze they are dreaming about by matching the data with their waking responses to said maze. However, the poetical conundrum is that, as intimate as we may be with our animal friends, we will never actually know what they dream about - the imagery, specific scenarios, the inhabitants, or the topography of their dreamworld are fully encapsulated within their own consciousness.

Taking this as a jumping off point, Ron Samowrth has created a suite of imagined dog dreams - writing first person texts in the voice of the dog to be presented within a series of musical compositions that employ both composed material and improvisation. While a degree of anthropomorphism is inevitable, Ron has tried to limit the text to descriptive prose devoid of metaphor - a satisfying exercise of inhabiting the mind of a dog. Each text has been drawn by Ron's experience of watching and enjoying dogs - each segment is dedicated to a Vancouver location which inspired it, and sometimes even a specific dog friend. The stellar members of the ensemble and the guest artists have all worked together in a wide variety of projects on the Vancouver scene over the years. Dogs Do Dream was recorded over two days in May 2016 at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.

Ron Samworth - guitar, effects
Barbara Adler - narration
JP Carter - trumpet, effects
Tyson Naylor - piano, keyboards, accordian
Peggy Lee - cello
James Meger - bass, effects

Iris Pomeroy - voice
Torsten Muller - bass
Dylan van der Schyff - drums, marimba
Bill Clark - trumpet
Robin Holcomb - piano
Wayne Horvitz - DX-7, effects


“...exceptional artistry with a who's who of premier Vancouver musicians and Seattle's Robin Holcomb and Wayne Horvitz. Extraordinary group interplay directed by Samworth's masterful sound shaping of textural hues that float between celestial free chaos and exquisite balance.” - Down Beat Magazine

"The songs range from minute-long interludes to the trippy, prog-rock feel of Smells/Other Dogs. It’s a great project to listen to, but you can only imagine how engaging it must be live." - Vancouver Sun

"Composer/guitarist Ron Samworth has created something unique on his latest release Dogs Do Dream. Inspired by scientific studies indicating that some mammals, namely dogs, do dream while sleeping, the veteran jazz musician has crafted a suite of imagined dog dreams." - Beat Route

"The balance of active and passive sections makes this an outstanding set of compositions, the narration guiding and engaging the listener without overindulgence or excessive subtlety, and by using a relatively sparse narrative, bears repeated listens and discovery of the rich nature of his music." - The Squid's Ear

"Musically Samworth takes inspiration from rock, jazz, folk, etc.  He composed a coherent work, consisting of fine arrangements and harmonies, nice melodies and moments of improvisation." - Vital Weekly

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