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Sick Boss
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Peregrine Falls
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Subtle Lip Can
Subtle Lip Can
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Crouched Head
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Split CD

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Subtle Lip Can
Subtle Lip Can

1. Chickle That Bottom
2. Crumple, Power Down
3. Inside Look (listen!)
4. Tid Lac Boam
5. Suddle Lip Can
6. Runst From Thag (listen!)
7. Crumpled Up Seed
8. Polloer

Listen to Subtle Lip Can at:

Subtle Lip Can was formed on a cold Tuesday night during ‘Mardi Spaghetti’, a Montréal improvisational music series at the venue Le Cagibi. The music created by these three comrades felt so fresh, new and natural that they decided on the spot to continue playing together. The trio consists of Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion), Bernard Falaise (electric guitar) and Josh Zubot (violin). All three are active members of Montréal’s fervent improvisational community. The textures they create are unique, rich and cover a wide dynamic scope, from contemplative soundscapes to frantic climaxes. This is their first album as a trio and was made live in Frédéric Boudreault's studio on Avenue Papineau.

Isaiah Ceccarelli is a drummer, improviser, composer and singer living and working in Montréal. He participates in numerous creative music projects with artists including Michel F. Côté, Pierre-Yves Martel, Lori Freedman, Jean Derome and Philippe Lauzier. Isaiah composes for his own groups (Bréviaire d’épuisements, Lieux-dits, De cælo servare) and for ensembles and musicians such as VivaVoce, Ensemble Kô, Jennifer Thiessen, Charity Chan and the University of Redlands New Music Ensemble (California).

Composer, improviser and guitarist Bernard Falaise has some surprisingly varied musical activities, from pop album production (Marie-Jo Thério, Jorane) to contemporary music composition. This Montrealer is a member of several bands including Klaxon Gueule, Papaboa, Miriodor, Les Projectionnistes and Barnyard Drama. Mr. Falaise's second solo cd, Clic(2007), consists of compositions for a band and won the best new music record Opus award in 2008.

Joshua Zubot
grew up in Saskatchewan and at one time worked the music scene in Calgary, AB. He then decided to move to Montréal to complete his BFA in Electroacoustic composition. He has shared the stage with artists such as Jean Derome, Myra Melford, Sam Shalabi, Fred Frith, Martha Wainwright, Lori Freedman and many others. Joshua is one of the founders of Montreal's weekly improvised music series 'Mardi Spaghetti'.


"The band’s invented a tonal vocabulary all its own; a language crimped, parched and folded; a sound that communicates a different kind of communion. Absolutely, most definitely essential listening." - Forest Gospel

"...the sheer amount of creativity and musicality seem to bounce unrelentingly from the speakers..." - Beat Route

"The sheer distinctiveness of this trio's sound is a blessing: music this engaging and unique is a rare gift." - Exclaim!

" is the musicians' ability to maneuver as an ensemble - the sudden, breathtaking changes from breakneck flourishes and jarring textures to seductive reverberations that shimmer and disappear - that ultimately make this album so captivating." - Signal To Noise

"...languid microtonal free improvising." - Monsieur Délire

"Subtle Lip Can’s debut is a fleshy menace of sound; sound abounding in subtlety and carnage; sound with lungs and a heart. Simply put: it’s an album you can’t afford to miss. - Foxy Digitalis

"...a heavily reverberated sound-walk through a dangerous junkyard raining scrap metal. A primo storm of improvised noise." (9 out of 10!) - Montreal Mirror

"...a largely quiet but peculiarly invasive soundworld suggesting a musical attempt to explore the inner workings of disgust." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"It’s cutting edge stuff at it’s best, ...beautiful, moody, dramatic, and a thoroughly enjoyable listen." - Left Hip Magazine

" of my favourite releases of this year and, coupled with the recent Pink Saliva release, the sounds have me convinced that there’s something in the water in Montreal." - Spontaneous Combustion

"...consistently mesmerizing." - Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)

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Joshua Zubot
Bernard Falaise
Isaiah Ceccarelli

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