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DarkBlueWorld - The Perilous Beauty of Madness

(high res cd cover here!)

The Perilous Beauty of Madness

1. Demimonde - 4:43 (mp3 excerpt)
2. I Looked For You - 4:29
3. Tracking The Detectives - 6:25
4. On A Wire - 6:01
5. The Luck Of The Draw - 3:50
6. Driftaway - 7:28
7. Nothing's Ever As It Seems - 4:00
8. Falling Man - 6:42
9. Give Me A Reason - 4:29 (mp3 excerpt)
10. This War - 4:43
11. Somebody - 4:24 (mp3 excerpt)



Listen to DarkBlueWorld at:

DarkBlueWorld's epic sound has been noted for its paradoxical nature, simultaneously hypnotic and sullen: "blending disturbing lyrics with beautiful melodies... breathing sadness and celebration in the same breath", at times "a thrilling noise assault of feedback and percussion" [CokeMachineGlow]. Their unique "alchemical magic" is completed by Elizabeth's "lushly dismal narratives", ranging harmonically from "a macabre growl to a keening shriek" with "superior range and color" conveyed by her "cigarette-rough voice" [JunkMedia]. This is DarkBlueWorld’s second release on Drip Audio.

DarkBlueWorld is singer/poet Elizabeth Fischer's essential vehicle for her collaborations with noted Canadian musicians. Drawing on Fischer’s texts, expressive vocal style and the wide ranging musical influences the members bring to the group, DarkBlueWorld creates and perform material that is emotionally layered, often acerbic or darkly satirical, with subtly complex harmonic and rhythmic structures - individualized, intelligent expressions intended to communicate the complexities of human experience in sophisticated yet accessible song formats.

All the members of the group are established artists in their own right; a recognized vocalist, composer and lyricist, Elizabeth Fischer is the former leader of the Animal Slaves, a seminal Canadian alternative art-rock band in the 80’s. She has recorded and performed with noted international musicians, has performed Hungarian songs and French chansons, and continues to explore the music of Brecht/Weill and Hans Eisler in a number of contexts. She also creates all of the group's visual material. Gord Grdina, a prolific composer and arranger who also leads his own ensembles, has a deeply lyrical approach to music. He has a keen ear for unusual textures and an eclectic approach to music making which complements Fischer’s musical sensibilities. Tommy Babin has a particular affinity for creative music and Chad MacQuarrie’s expressionistic, aggressive sound compliments Fischer’s darker, edgier material. Bernie Arai is a respected drummer and composer with many international appearances to his credit


"Nina Simone fronting Yeah Yeah Yeahs by way of a Mike Patton project. That gives a sense of Elizabeth Fischer's Brecht/punk. Dense, slithering backing by some of Canada's top creative improvisors make it hit like a freaking art bomb." – The Province (****stars)

"This is poetic, punky, desperado rock... Like the Carpenters if they'd been influenced by the darker drugs;..." - Foxy Digitalis

"......the aural equivalent of the film Blue Velvet. Inventive, original and dissonantly beautiful." - Progression Magazine

“Fischer's dark-delivery voice, an amalgam of Nina Simone, David Bowie and Annie Lennox, rivets you to every word, and the musical arrangements by her core band -- guitarists Gord Grdina and Chad Macquarrie, bassist Tommy Babin and drummer Bernie Arai, plus guests -- rivet you to every note.” - The Vancouver Sun

"It takes a special gift to make dismal enchanting. DarkBlueWorld do it brilliantly." - Exclaim!

“... they breathe sadness and celebration in the same breath because they own that paradox, all while retaining status as pop through their brilliant narratives and insularly intricate musicianship...” - CokeMachineGlow

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