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The Peggy Lee Band - New Code

(high res cd cover here!)

The Peggy Lee Band
New Code

1. All I Really Want to Do - 5:24 (mp3 excerpt)
2. Preparations - 8:35
3. Offshoot 1 - 3:46
4. Not a Wake Up Call - 5:55
5. Floating Island - 4:46 (mp3 excerpt)
6. Offshoot 2 - 2:45
7. Scribble Town- 3:47 (mp3)
8. Tug - 4:19
9. Offshoot 3 - 3:42 (mp3 excerpt)
10. Walk Me Through - 6:21
11. Shifting Tide - 4:51
12. Lost in the Stars - 4:24

*nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award '09


New Code” is the fourth release by The Peggy Lee Band and the first that sees the band expanded from a sextet to an octet. The three horns blend beautifully for a warm, full sound and the two guitars take turns at covering written parts leaving the other free to colour the music with abstract textures or full out soloing.

Peggy has written seven new compositions for the album which have been interspersed with three small group improvisations––two trios and one duo. She has ‘book-ended’ the whole set of music with two covers, Bob Dylan’s “All I Really Want To Do” and Kurt Weill’s “Lost In The Stars.” The album opens with a full and joyous sound and travels through many moods: from agitated to defiant; from reflective to jubilant. The band plays with complete commitment, honesty and inspiration throughout.

Vancouver-based cellist Peggy Lee plays the field between jazz and new music, currently receiving international recognition as one of Vancouver's finest improvisers. Upon arriving in Vancouver in 1989, Peggy Lee has participated in numerous creative projects. She is a member of Talking Pictures and Standing Wave, a new music ensemble dedicated to performing new written works by Canadian composers. Other performance collaborations include work with keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, trumpeter Dave Douglas, guitarist Nels Cline (Wilco) and guitarist Bill Frisell.

The Peggy Lee Band was formed in 1998 as a vehicle to explore different strategies of improvisation within the context of Peggy’s compositions. Although initially formed as a sextet, Peggy decided to expand the group in 2007 by adding tenor saxophone and another electric guitar. This is a group in which the unique contribution of each player is crucial to the ensemble’s overall sound. The sextet has released three cd’s on the Spool label and has toured nationally and internationally. "New Code" is the first album as an octet.

With: Brad Turner - trumpet; Jon Bentley - tenor sax; Jeremy Berkman - trombone; Peggy Lee - cello; Ron Samworth - guitar; Tony Wilson, guitar; André Lachance - electric bass and Dylan van der Schyff - drums.


"Beautifully abstract, and magnificently composed..." -

" atmosphere of slow-motion weirdness heavy with desire and stray thoughts." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"...a CD that exemplifies the strength and maturity of the Vancouver jazz and improvised music scene." - Down Beat (**** 1/2 stars)

"...always flowing organically from one thing to the next." - The New York Times

"A very full-grown going together of eight fantastic musicians departing from a strong musical vision by Peggy Lee.." - Vital Weekly

"Lee’s acute sense of musical direction prevails with the captivating balance of freak-outs and float-aways." - Eye Weekly

" of the finest Canadian jazz releases of the year." -

"...the music lies between the pull of influence and inspiration." - Hour (Montreal)

"Another exceptional jazz album from The Peggy Lee Band featuring an all-star cast of top Vancouver jazz players." - Left Hip Magazine

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